Welcome to StartUpOracle

About The System

Startup Oracle has put together a mechanical system for analyzing startups much like the quantitative systems that hedge funds use for trading stocks. The system was originally developed by the founder to analyze investment opportunities. Then it was realized that entrepreneurs should have access to the system. The system has been shown to be highly accurate and has been used by Founder Institute entrepreneurs to analyze their opportunities. read more..

Why and How it Works?

  • Collect Company Information
    When analyzing a company the first thing we do is collect all the information required by our model, which is about 50 variables.
  • Falsification
    Next we try and find mistakes in our data collection process to ensure accurate and reliable input data.
  • Prediction
    Then we run the predictive model against the data to get a predicted outcome.
  • Solutions
    Finally, we provide input on things that could be changed that would improve your chances of success the most.